Classroom Review


Well… following the raising and releasing of the ladybugs, and Earth Day education…we are fully immersed in “everything spring” and launching into summer.

Each child has taken at least one nature walk to St Edward’s Park and enjoyed adventuring through the many trails off the beaten path. We have identified some types of plants, listened for new sounds, and experienced touching and smelling some of the plant life in the park.

At circle time, we have talked about insects, worms, slugs, and snails. We observed live worms to see if they preferred dark or light, moist or dry, cheese or potato peels.

We spoke of summer safety including wearing helmets, boat and water safety, talking with strangers, crossing the street, and wearing sunscreen and (possibly) bug spray

Science and botany have been popular subjects. We enjoyed watching propagation happen in our room. (We grew plants from root cuttings!) We have also been identifying flowers. We

currently have some zinnias with colored water…the children have been amazed at the changes happening to the flowers each day! Perhaps the most exciting activity has been the planting of our garden! We have prepared the soil, weeded, planted seeds, planted starts, and watered endlessly. We have tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, radishes, strawberries, and marigolds.

Upcoming, many summer birthdays will be celebrated in the classic Montessori way this month and next. A fire truck will also be visiting at the end of this month! We are looking forward to our annual class party, field day, our St. Edwards Park field trip on the 30t​ h​ and 31s​ t​ (weather pending), and our end-of-year picnic!

At this year’s end, we are so proud of your children’s growth and accomplishments! Thank you for sharing them with us.

This month, we’ve been putting a focus on nature! We’ve learned about the parts of a flower,

examined different types of flowers, and studied earthworms and their role in nature. Our praying mantis eggs hatched, and the children enjoyed watching hundreds of the insects in their bottle “habitat.” We’ve planted a vegetable garden, and the children are taking turns caring for the plants. The children have also been enjoying our nature walks on the paths of St. Edward State Park.

We have also started a peace unit, where the children are learning to find their “inner peace,” calming themselves down, practicing respect for others, and respecting the classroom materials and rules. The children have been enjoying our yoga exercises, which also can help us feel more peaceful!

During science this month, the kids enjoyed watching a dancing jelly bean, floating eggs in salt water, and making invisible ink.

At the end of this month, we will be going on our “big” class walk to the playground at St. Edward State Park, which the children are looking forward to.

creativemontessorischool_mz5i3rClassroom Review