About Us

The Creative Montessori School was established in 1978.

The first classes were small, one morning class and one afternoon class. By the third year, demand was such that a third class of 12 children was added. Then, in 1983, it became apparent that there was a substantial need for before and after school care, so our second building was expanded to accommodate 24 children in a full care Montessori program (7 AM to 5 PM).

Today, we have two classroom buildings and two playgrounds. In our front building, we are licensed for 22 children in each of two half-day classes (AM and PM). In our back building, we are licensed for 24 children in our full care program (7 AM to 5 PM).

Our staff includes nine part time or full time teachers and 4 teenaged assistants, who work from 3 to 5 PM daily.

Our goal is to provide high quality care for young children in our community—a home away from home.

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