Classroom Review


We began our month with the end of our dinosaur unit study. We discussed the possible theories about the reason for the dinosaur extinction (asteroids, many volcanic eruptions…or climate change?)

The children enjoyed a visit from a group of young adults where they were able to see a real robot that was built by students. We also had a visit from a very enjoyable, energetic librarian from the Kenmore library including singing, reading, and fingerplay.

Hopefully, spring break was enjoyed by all!

We have started putting together our top-secret Mother’s Day present.

Our Easter egg hunt is always an exciting time, and it is so heartwarming to see the children’s excitement in finding their eggs.

We continue to celebrate many, many, many birthday circles this month! The kiddos look so forward to this production.

Our tadpoles have arrived, and while it will be many, many weeks before they completely transform, it will be fascinating to see the changes!

Next, we will spend some time talking about Earth Day and will do a project to celebrate this concept. We will focus on taking care of our planet and our surroundings including how we can all recycle, reuse, upcycle, protect and reduce.


The children in the back class have been enjoying the dinosaur unit they learned about how the earth was formed the three periods of the dinosaur and learned in detail about different types of dinosaurs. 

They got to be a paleontologist by trying to dig out a dinosaur fossil, obsessed dino egg hatch. 

Then we saw how the dinosaur got extinct. 

In preparation for the egg hunt, the children made their egg baskets. They had fun hunting for their colorful egg. 

We have introduced two new tadpoles in our class.  We will be observing and learning the different phases of the frog for the next few weeks. 

In Science, we saw how to find out a raw egg from a boiled egg when they ate mixed. 

Then we learned the parts of an egg too. 

We are talking about earth day and how to recycle many things.

Soon we will start to plant flowers and vegetables in our garden. 

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