Classroom Review


We’ve nearly come to the end of our third month and the children seem to be enjoying their friendships and have become so respectful of others, as well as their classroom materials. We, teachers, feel lucky to have a front-row seat in watching this unfold!

This month began with a little spider education. We talked about the parts of, types of, and the life cycle of a spider. We found out what they eat, how they eat, and where and how they build their webs. During circle time we learned about the 3 states of matter and their qualities (solid, liquid, and gas) with physical examples. I think they thought it was funny watching water be poured from a cup to a plate to show that a liquid takes on the shape of the new container.

The Thanksgiving holiday brought on talk about Pilgrims and why they immigrated, their journey and life aboard the Mayflower, and how they adjusted to a new world. This included the importance of their first harvest and their encounters with the Wampanoag Native Americans.

The idea of being thankful was a focus. We’ve been practicing a poem that will be recited while we enjoy our Thanksgiving-style feast. We made our butter also! Ask your child to recite the poem “A Child’s Thanksgiving”.

The children began leading the show and tell circle. This is a much-awaited event. It is a big deal! We also celebrated many birthdays this month.

A special thanks to Isabella’s mom for coming in to share one of her family’s annual traditions. She shared information about the Day of the Dead and how it is celebrated with candles, food, and honoring friends and family that have passed, just to name a few.

Thank you also to Ms. Govindaraj for sharing her Diwali (Deepawalli) tradition with the class, including a story, Diya, rangoli, clothing, and more.

If you have a talent, a skill, a tradition, or even some fun and interesting information you would like to share during a short circle, please let us know.

It has been fun getting to know your children and their personalities and learning styles!

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