Classroom Review

Buckeye Class

This month, we started off by wrapping up our space unit. We learned about Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, the moon, and eclipses. With the great weather, we have been spending more time outside. We are preparing our garden for planting, enjoying lunch outside, and during work time, the children may choose to bring their work outside and work at our outdoor tables.

By this time of the year, children are stellar at cleaning up, and we are able to introduce some advanced practical life materials. We introduced a tea-making activity where the children make tea and enjoy it with a friend. Another similar activity introduced is the water serving activity, where the children pour water into small glasses and then walk around asking friends if they would like a glass of water.

We will soon be ordering caterpillars to follow their life cycle and release them as butterflies. Additionally, we are ordering ants and will observe their tunnel-building capabilities in an ant farm.

For Earth Day, we will educate the children on taking care of the planet because they are the future caretakers of the world. This includes using alternate modes of transportation, picking up litter, composting and recycling, conserving water, and planting gardens.


Hemlock Class

As Spring fills the air, we wrapped up our transportation unit with joy.  The children delighted in exploring various modes of transportation.  Adding to the excitement, Roland’s mom, Ms. Lisa, visited us to share insights about Boeing and the planes manufactured there.  To conclude the unit on a high note, the children enthusiastically collaborated to craft a cardboard car from a parcel box, testing it outside in the fresh air.

Following spring break, the children eagerly reunited with their friends.  They eagerly pitched in to prepare the vegetable beds for planting, taking turns sowing seeds and diligently watering them.  While immersed in outdoor activities, we’ve been discussing topics such as seeds, germination, and the vital role worms in enriching the soil.

Exploring the significance of flowers in producing fruits and vegetables has deepened their connection to nature.  Additionally, earthquake and fire drills are underway to ensure the children are well-prepared for any emergency situations.

With Mother’s Day on the horizon, the children are bustling with excitement as they prepare heartfelt surprised for their moms.  The sunny days have created perfect opportunities for outdoor lunch.

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