Classroom Review


We are excited to report that it has been a VERY smooth first few weeks of school!
Joining our class this year, we welcomed 6 new children in the morning class and 11 in the afternoon class. This can be an exciting time for our “returning” children who enjoy taking on a leadership role in introducing the classroom and how things work.

During our circles, we have spent our time on our calendar, reading books, singing songs, and other musical activities.

In recognition of World Peace Day, we have been practicing our peace song (“Light a Candle for Peace”). We are gathering with the whole school for a candlelit celebration to sing our song together on the 21st in unison with other schools around the world.

We are learning about our 5 classroom rules which really focus on respecting others and their own space and taking care of our classroom environment. We have also talked about the traditional Montessori “grace and courtesy” skills.

The children are learning to put on their own coats and shoes, serve their own snacks and pour their own drinks. They experience such joy when they are able to accomplish these things on their own. Just the other day We had a three-year-old beaming with pride when he successfully fit his lunchbox into his backpack for the first time! This you can reinforce at home.

New materials are introduced daily and many lessons are being given on our Montessori materials. We are so looking forward to what the rest of the year brings!


We had a great start this school year. Kids have been introduced to each other, and are busy meeting old friends and making new ones. We have talked about our classroom and circle time rules. It’s nice to see the kids settling in, learning to take care of the classroom by rolling their mats and putting their materials away nicely, so they are ready for the next person. We’ve been singing “Buzz, Buzz, Bumblebee” to help us remember each other’s names. Our grace and courtesy lessons are helping children to be kind and helpful to each other.

We have talked about fire drills and fire safety. We have also practiced our first fire drill for this school year.

As a small unit, we have started learning about apples, talking about the parts of an apple, tasting apples, and learning different kind of apples. Soon we will be talking about fall and how our world changes during this season. We will also learn about pumpkins.

We are so pleased with the children’s progress so far, and we look forward to seeing everyone continue to grow this year!

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