Classroom Review

Front Class:

This month, we had lots of fun with our Valentine’s Day party and crafts.  We’ve also started learning about the continents of the world, beginning with North America.  We have tasted North American foods such as maple syrup (from Canada) and chips with salsa (from Mexico).  We’ve talked about the culture and geography of North America, and learned about some of the animals that live here.  Some of the children have made maps of North America, showing either the countries or biomes of our continent. We’ve also been singing the song “This Land is Your Land.”  This week, we are moving on to South America!  As the year goes on, we will “visiting” all the continents.  The children are continuing their great work in reading, math, writing, and social skills as well.  It’s really great to see their friendships developing as they learn how to navigate bumps and relate to more of their peers.  So much has happened since fall, and we are looking forward to touching base with parents at our upcoming conferences!

Back Class

At the back class we completed the peace curriculum after which we moved onto some fun Valentine projects, the kids made their Valentine bags and a card for their parents. Now we have moved into geography and studying the continents in depth. We studied North America in which we were privileged to have Mrs. Warsinske share her collection of Native American artifacts. The kids enjoyed looking at them. Kids made salsa and enjoyed eating chips and salsa.  They tried pancakes with maple syrup as some samples of North American cuisine. Now we are studying South America in which we studied their culture and food and also learned about different animals that live in the rainforest. Children made their empanadas with a potato and carrot filling and got to enjoy eating them.  We are currently making panpipes a South American instrument. Soon we will move on to Europe, and then to other continents, kids are enjoying getting their passports stamped as they visit each continent


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