Classroom Review

Front Class:

The Front class has resumed our study of the seven continents after wonderful Spring Break.  We’re currently learning all about Asia and Mrs. Govindaraj, from the Back class, showed and explained to us all about the sari.  We also had a dancer and a Tabla player.  The kids had fun making Easter baskets and cards and had an egg hunt.  WE also learned about Passover.  Soon we will celebrate Earth Day with things to do to protect our earth, and we’ll plant a flower seed in a toilet paper tube so it can go straight into the ground when it is brought home.  We have received larvae for a Painted Lady Butterfly, and we will learn about its life cycle.  Our class has many May and summer birthdays, and we will celebrate each one during the months of May/June.  The last 3-4 weeks of school we’ll spend time playing musical instruments, scarf dancing, preparing for our walk to St. Edwards State Park and maybe more recess time out in the sun.  The kids have strong friendships with each other at this time of year, and they love spending time together.  It has been a wonderful year with all these great kids!

Back Class:

We started off April with making spring cards and Easter baskets for our egg hunt.  Kids enjoyed having Easter and spring materials on the shelves. The Easter egg hunt was their favorite part.

We are still on our world tour. At present we are in Asia after we visited Africa we learned about their culture Food and biomes. We looked into types of animals that live there. We brought back African necklaces as a souvenir. Visiting Asia kids got henna on their hands. They felt it as a different experience, and they enjoyed getting it. An Indian classical dancer came and showed some beautiful movements. Adding on We had a tabla ( India drum played with our hands not sticks ) artist came and played the tabla for the kids. They were mesmerized by it. Kids will bring back clay lamps as souvenirs. Soon we will be going to Australia.

We are fortunate to have Dean’s mom come and play the keyboard for us.

As we have lots of flowers blooming around us, Kids got to open up a real flower to see and learn the parts.

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