Classroom Review

Our front class has been continuing to learn about the human body. After learning about internal organs, we focused on how we can take care of our bodies, keeping them healthy, strong, and even calm! We will be finishing our human body studies with some peaceful exercises such as yoga stretches.

We have also been continuing with some science experiments: we saw an egg float in saltwater, but sink in fresh water. We also saw a mixture change color when we added new ingredients in our “iodine clock” experiment.

We continue to study French on Fridays, and many of the children are remembering the names of colors, pieces of clothing, and family members in French.

This week, we also had a visit from Oxbow Farms, and a class egg hunt. The children always enjoy this special event, during which they search for Easter eggs labeled with their names.


This month, children in the back building have been very involved and interested in our curriculum unit on the body. We talked about skin, bones, muscles, and joints. Amongst internal organs, so far we have focused on heart, blood, and lungs. Currently, we are learning about brain.

In our Practical Life area, we have introduced carrot and cucumber cutting, bread cutting and eating, color mixing, and eggshell grinding.

In science, we conducted some experiments on how blood works and component of blood and also learned about lungs and their function.

In language on Fridays. we have been learning German names for different animals.

The children are having fun working together, learning about the human body, and enjoying each other’s company.

creativemontessorischool_mz5i3rClassroom Review