Classroom Review


This month, the front building children are very involved and interested in our curriculum unit on the body. We’ve talked about skin, bones, muscles, and joints, and are now learning about our internal organs. So far, we’ve concentrated on our heart, blood, lungs, brain, and the systems that go with these organs. The kids have a new appreciation for what it takes for their bodies to go out and run, jump, and climb! The kids are enjoying, in our Practical Life

area, carrot, apple, and cucumber cutting and eating. Bread cutting and color mixing have also been newly introduced.

To get ready for Valentine’s Day, the children made Valentine cards and decorated a bag to hold all their cards from their classmates. The day was made extra special with a treat of a heart-shaped waffle and fruit. This is really a favorite celebration of the children.

We had fun learning about the reason for the Presidents’ Day holiday and continue with our French language on Fridays. We have been learning the French names for different clothing pieces, and will soon start on food names.

The children are working so well together, enjoying each other and having fun learning.

In February, we had a great month in which we learned about the human body and celebrated Valentine’s Day.

The children have been enjoying learning about the human body. They have been learning the bones that make up the skeletal system and about all their senses: sight, touch, sound, smell, and taste. Recently, the children had a circle where they were able to experience the difference between bitter, sweet, salty, and sour. They were able to use their sense of touch by doing fun fingerprint experiments during circle time.

Valentines Day was also a blast! The kids made fun Valentine’s Day cards, had tasty treat at the Valentine’s Day party, and exchanged Valentine’s cards with all their friends.

The children are learning so much, and having so much fun playing together. We look forward to watching them learn and grow more!

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