Classroom Review

Front Building

After nearly two months, the children have done an excellent job adjusting to the classroom routines and discovering their role and their independence. This “settling in” has allowed us to introduce many more of the traditional Montessori materials. The new Fall season is a focus including why leaves change color in the Fall. We have tied this in with singing fall songs at circle time. At circle time we have been reciting the pledge of allegiance daily and introduced a job board where the children are selected to do jobs like the calendar, straightening the book corner, and leading the pledge of allegiance. They are very excited about these tasks and jump up ready to participate! On Tuesdays, we usually focus on science and Fridays the focus is French. We have spent some time talking about our peace curriculum and the virtues that go with peace. Some other subjects include: introducing continents, apple parts, life cycle, and tasting. Also parts of a spider.
We are looking forward to our Halloween celebration with costumes and stone soup. We will also care and dissect a pumpkin.

Back Building

At the back class children have settled in nicely. We have been talking about fall, fall weather, why leaves change colors and all about apples. They learned parts of an apple, different types of apples and they got to taste fresh apples, apple smoothie, and apple cider.
Then we moved on to spiders. Parts of a spider and we talked about different kinds of spiders and their webs. We had fun projects making spiders and spider webs.
Now it is all about bats why they are mammals and how they move at night and hunt their food.
On Tuesdays afternoon circle we do a science experiment and we been seeing why apples turn brown and how we can avoid that.
Did an experiment to show how air ( oxygen ) is used for burning.
Solubility and how in hot water sugar dissolves faster than cold water.
We had a fun way to learn echolocation by trying to catch a bounced back ball when the child was blindfolded.
Soon we will be learning all about pumpkins. Their life cycle and parts of a pumpkin. It is a fun time of the year when we start singing some Halloween songs and making Halloween projects.
The children enjoy leading the show and tell circle. They do love yoga too.
We also practiced Fire and earthquake drills.

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