Classroom Review

Front Building:
November felt very settled as the kids were wonderfully engaged in lots of work and making friends.  Teachers have had several months now to know and appreciate each child and what they bring to our classroom.  We’ve been studying the life cycle and parts of a pumpkin, Mrs. Sudha has taught us about the Diwali festival and the kids have been making Thanksgiving artwork and cards.  We are learning about the Thanksgiving story and celebrated with a feast of vegetable soup that the kids helped make complete with handmade butter on bread and pumpkin pie.

Back Building:
We are now past Halloween and entering into the holidays.  We are getting those warm coats on and rolling into Thanksgiving.  The kids are making a fun Thanksgiving project with lots of colors and a cute little turkey on it or course.  They can’t wait to take it home and show it to their families.  We are currently discussing Thanksgiving and what it’s all about with some great books at circle time.  We recently read a book to the children called Stone Soup, which teaches happiness through sharing. In the book a soup is made by a village that’s been through famine and war and three strangers come along and they make a soup for everyone.  The entire village comes together and contributes to the making of the soup.  The children are going to be doing the same thing and bringing in their own veggies to add to a soup that will be made for the Thanksgiving feast!   The kids are so excited about bringing their own vegetables.  The children are learning a lot each day.  They are making friends and having lots of fun.

creativemontessorischool_mz5i3rClassroom Review