Classroom Review

Front Class:
It was wonderful to welcome back all of the children in January from the winter break!  They all seemed to really miss each other and had a lot of events and stories from the break to share with one another. 
We spoke at circle time about our new season change ( welcoming in winter  ) … and changes we may see in the world around us.
In the practical life area, we introduced peanut grinding, and the children are loving this.
Land and water forms have been a recent topic: for example, lake vs. island, peninsula vs. gulf and so on …
The children are also enjoying our sink/float work.
We continue to introduce new scientific concepts, often on Tuesdays. 
Martin Luther King was discussed including his focus on working for fairness for all, and how kindness toward one another is essential.
We are continuing our weekly nature walks in our nearby park. 
Recently we talked about 10 landmarks around the world and some interesting facts about them.
Coming up, we will learn about the Chinese New Year holiday, and we will begin in February our extensive study of dinosaurs.
We will cover the big bang theory, ​Pangaea, the 3 dinosaur periods, and specifics about the dinosaurs….and more.
Some of the recent  songs we have enjoyed are ” On top of spaghetti, all covered in cheese…”, and “There was a chubby snowman.”
Thank you for sharing your children with us!

Back Class:
The children were joyful to meet after the two weeks break, and they shared their fun events about their break. 
The children all settled in quickly and smoothly. They were excited to see the class with a lot of new winter work. Even though there was no snow outside children got to make parts of a snowman book, a snowman project, and snowflakes. 
We moved into geography and talked about the sandpaper globe and colored globe. We showed the children how flat maps are formed and the difference between the Western Hemisphere and the Eastern Hemisphere. 
Then we talked about landforms, the difference between lake and island, gulf and peninsula, bay and cape, and strait and isthmus.
Soon we will be talking about the layers of the Earth then we will move onto our Peace unit. 
In science, we did a solubility test, and we also made Crystals.  The children were excited to see the crystals formed. 

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