Classroom Review

Hemlock Building:

Welcome to our March newsletter. We can’t believe that 3 months are gone this year. Happy news to share with you all. All teachers are vaccinated. It’s unbelievable that a year has gone by since this pandemic started. We are very thankful to all of you for your great support during this pandemic time. The children’s cooperation in this predicament is beyond measure. Sure, they have all benefited by coming in person. It’s great to meet all parents and converse with them about their loved ones. Thanks for your efforts to be on time and made the conference a great success. If you have any concerns, you are always welcome to reach us through email or phone.

The month of March is dedicated to Washington state. Our state is offering many things to learn. We covered the topics of the Columbia River and its geological effects. The Grand Coulee dam, visited Mt. Rainier and its national park to get to know the peak and live around it. We revisited the history of the Mt. St. Helens eruption and kids enjoyed the volcano experiment. We saw the stages in Salmon life and its journey to the Ocean and back to its birthplace. Children are thrilled to see our famous Orca, the marine mammal, and its family lifestyle. The formation of Puget sound and its offers to our state. We enjoyed the experience of living on an Island by visiting the San Juan Islands. Children are excited to learn about the Boeing factory and different types of Airplanes. We all took the elevator to the Space Needle top and were seated in the Revolving restaurant. It’s great to know about Native Heritage and the great expedition of Lewis and Clark.

Children enjoyed making the Columbia river, Mt. Rainier, Easter egg baskets, and chicken hatching artworks. Color mixing and coffee grinding are our great hits. We talked about St. Patrick’s Day and welcomed the spring season.

We had a wonderful guest performance by Vimala, a Karakattam (folk dance) from Tamil Nadu, India. Thanks to Vimala.

“The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn.” -Maria Montessori


Buckeye Building:

Children have been enjoying singing the “the family of the sun” song. We have talked about the planets and we will be moving on to talking about black holes superNova and outer space. The children will be excited to learn about Rockets, space stations, and space suits.

As spring is here we will be talking about plants and we will be doing some gardening.

We had two visitors visiting our school this month

We had the two visitors from the University of Washington Nutrition Department come in and talk to the children about fruits and vegetables and how to plant seeds. They let the children plant some seeds.

Vimala a friend of Mrs. Govindaraj visited our school to show the children the ancient Indian folk dance called karakattam. This dance is performed in praise of the rain Goddess. Performers balance a decorated pot on their head and dance. The children enjoyed watching Vimala dance. They got to try to balance an empty pot on their heads.

We talked about St Patrick’s day. Some children shared their joy of setting up leprechaun traps.

With Easter around the corner, children have started making their Easter egg hunt baskets. They are excited to see some spring flowers blooming around the school.

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