Classroom Review

Buckeye Building:

We hope everyone enjoyed their spring break.  With this beautiful spring weather, we will begin to eat lunches outdoors as well as have a space for the children to work outside.

This month we started off by learning about the parts of an egg. Later we decorated egg baskets.  We also had an exciting egg hunt and each child got to search for an egg with their name on it.  An art project we did was making chicks in eggs with cotton balls and egg cartons.

We have been singing lots of new songs at circle.

An art project we are doing for Earth day is gluing blue and green scrap paper on to paper printed with our Earth.

A new job in our classroom is the peace keeper.  The peace keeper is in charge of keeping the peace for one day.  They help other children who are having a difficult time being peaceful.  A conversation is had between the two children who need peace and this is facilitated by the peace keeper.  The children take turns talking by holding the peace rose.

We also learned about plants and their parts and will soon be planting a garden of our own!


Hemlock Building:

The Hemlock class began the April month with more information about our beautiful state of Washington.  We talked about the beginning of flight, the Wright brothers and today’s Boeing company and learned the names of different planes.  We went on to talk about the 1962 World’s Fair and the Space Needle.

Spring  Break gave us a wonderful chance to enjoy sunny weather and time with our families. During that time, the container gardens on our back porch were made ready for vegetable planting.  Kids  helped Mrs. Leach plant vegetables  and we hope to be able to harvest some yummy vegetables to sample before the end of school. At one of our circles, we learned more about the parts of a carrot and sampled different colored carrots to see if they tasted different.

Earth Day was April 22nd and all that week we spent time learning more about recycling and its importance, how to keep our earth beautiful and not litter, and ways to save water when hand washing or brushing teeth.  We learned about  birds, showed bird nests, talked about migration and bird habits.  The kids each made their own bird and we are enjoying them “flying” around our classroom.

At the end of the month we will learn about seeds and have more science.  The outside patio area is set up with tables and a carpet  so that kids can take their chosen work  during work time outside if they wish.

creativemontessorischool_mz5i3rClassroom Review