Classroom Review

A warm welcome to the March edition. Spring is the season of new life. As spring started on March 20, our new building came to life on March 17th. In the past six and half months, we as teachers and children learned a lot. We learned to collaborate, cooperate and be kind to each other, especially to be patient. Thanks to Mrs. Leach who was patient and valiant enough to lead us through this tough predicament. Thanks to all the families, who were patient with us. It is sad for the teachers to from the children, but they are in the new building with a new adventure. Seeing them every day during afternoon recess is a great comfort. We wish them all the very best.

We begin March with Oceans as our unit study. We learned 2/3 of our earth is covered by water and each waterfront got its own name. We dived deep into oceans to find out its layers, animals who live in each layer, and how much sunlight each layer gets. We learned the adaptation methods the animals have in Ocean.

From Ocean, we took a big diversion towards Deserts. We learned the locations of Deserts on Earth, how they were formed, and temperature. We marveled at how animals and plants protect themselves from excess heat and manage to live with less water and adapt to their environments. We visited the burrows the animals dug and the Oasis where the palm trees grow. We wondered how much water a Camel can drink at a single time and where the water is stored in its body. We learned how people, who live in the desert protect themselves and turned some desert areas into amazing cities, an example is Las Vegas.

We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day and learned how it came into existence. On March 18th and 21st we welcomed in our new children.  They waited a long time with their parents for the building to be complete.  A huge thanks to them. As warmer days are about to start, please send water bottles with names and raincoats for rainy days.

“The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn.”                                  ———–Dr. Maria Montessori

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