Classroom Review

Classroom Review

Hemlock Building

The Hemlock building has spent much of the month of April planting and growing things.  We started with making the Seed Eggs made of paper scraps and native flower seeds.  Each child brought home an egg to plant in their own gardens.  After Spring break, we planted our own vegetables and flowers in raised planters located in the playground area.  The kids took turns amending the soil, planting the beginning plants and now the kids will be sure they are watered.  Soon we will sample and harvest some of our vegetables like carrots, beans and snap peas.   We also learned about the parts of a bean and each child planted their own bean to water and wait for a sprout to grow.

      In thinking about Easter, we learned the parts of a flower and the parts of an egg.  We had a science experiment where we put an egg with its shell in a glass of vinegar for 2 days to see what happened. It was fun to see an egg with no shell left that we could call the ” naked egg.”

       Earth day was the 22nd. We talked about how we can conserve water and be kind to the earth.   Mrs. Govindaraj littered the school grounds with papers, cans, cartons, etc. and the kids collected them and decided if it should go in the recycle, garbage, or compost bins.  This was a lot of fun for the kids.

        We will spend the last week of April learning some basic yoga and beginning French for colors and numbers.

Buckeye Room

It has been wonderful meeting all the new children and being in our new classroom.  Work time has been very busy with presenting lessons to our new students while the returning students are forming new friendships.  We have many advanced materials being used by our older students and lots of practical life works being done by our younger ones.

Ms. Ekstrom helped the children make seed eggs for our Easter egg hunt.  They took paper blended it in water then added wild flower seeds.  Hopefully they all went home and planted in the garden.

Before Spring Break we were able to get outside in our garden prepping the soil for the seeds that the children planted.  At circle we have been learning the life cycle of a plant, the layers of earth and how we can take care of our earth.    The children enjoy singing “Each of us is a flower”, “The Sun shines on everyone” and “Wheels on the Bus.”  We have been enjoying the warmer days outside and can’t wait till we can eat outside.

Thank you all who came in for conferences.  It is so nice to be able to share with you what your child is doing at school.

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