Classroom Review


This month, the kids are using and learning from all the Montessori materials, are involved in making art projects, and are getting to know each other. Many strong friendships are developing. Every week, we include lessons on French and science, which the children are enjoying. We started the month by talking about the season of Fall, the reason for leaves turning color, and the parts of a leaf. We went on to learn the continent names, and we have a song about the continents that we often sing.

As we are getting closer to Halloween, we’ve learned about the parts of a pumpkin and how they grow. We will be carving our own pumpkin near the end of October. Every day, we sing Halloween songs or have a Halloween story. On the actual day of Halloween, we will show off our costumes and have a healthy treat together. Mrs. Govindaraj, who is from India and teaches in the back class, told us about the celebration of Diwali and showed us beautiful saris and colorful sand designs that she was able to make before our eyes.


It has been an exciting first couple of months. The older students have had a lot of fun showing the younger students how the Montessori classroom works. The kids have also been very busy having fun, learning, and making new friends.

At circle time, we have been learning about the calendar, reading books, singing songs, and taking part in a variety of musical activities.

The kids are singing and enjoying the “Light a Candle for Peace” song, which helps us focus on how to treat each other with kindness and respect. Along with practicing kindness toward each other, we have also been focusing on practical skills that build independence. We are teaching the children to hang up their coats, serve their own snacks, and pour their own water. As they learn how to do more for themselves, they gain a great sense of accomplishment.

This month, the children have also been enjoying Halloween-based materials and art projects.

We look forward to what the rest of the school year will bring at Creative Montessori!

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