Classroom Review


December at school went fast. We started already in late November with the secret presents for moms and dads for under the tree. There were cards to be made and wrapping to be crafted and off course the main gifts to be designed. The children had a lot of fun choosing and preparing; we hope you are enjoying their gift for you!

Alongside we learned some Christmas favorites like: “Rudolf the red nosed reindeer” and “Frosty the snowman” as well as “Jingle Bells”. We learned a little about Hanukkah and Kwaanza and took a trip around the Christmas-celebration world like Santa on a surfboard and having a BBQ – only in Australia!

On Tuesdays we continue with our science projects. In December we looked at a candle’s behavior under a glass in a bowl of water and started to grow our own crystals. The children have good ideas when it comes to asking the question for our experiment. They come up with their own hypothesis and are keen observers during the procedure. They understand the drawn conclusion and look forward to the next science day.

The book exchange was fun as always, but our last day with the Christmas celebration was a nice end to 2017’s school time.

We are happy to see you all back and we hope everyone had a lovely holiday break! We are now getting started with new topics for January and the children are already enjoying learning about landforms and the layers of the earth.


During December, we got into the holiday spirit! The kids not only learned about Christmas, but Christmas all around the world. When teaching the children about Christmas, we also taught them about Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and even what Christmas is like in China. The kids also did a variety of holiday-themed works, such as learning how to play the game Dreidel, sewing paper mittens together, and learning parts of a Christmas tree. One of our front classroom teachers, Ms. Dykstra, taught the children about the history of St. Nicholas. The children made ornaments for our classroom Christmas tree and special presents for each of their parents.

The kids also have been learning about extreme weather conditions during our science-themed circle time once a week. Our class also enjoyed participating in the Book Exchange, where each child brings in a book that they own, and during the book exchange, gets to choose a new book (that one of their friends brought in) and take it home. Finally, for our in-house field trip, we had Ms. Govindaraj’s friend Radha come in and play the Indian string instrument, the veena, for us. The kids were ecstatic for the holidays! We hope you enjoyed your vacation and that everyone is excited to come back to school and begin some new topics!

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