We hope you and your families all enjoyed a fun and relaxing holiday in December. The children were so excited to reunite with their friends after the break. We have had a lot of interesting and new activities in this new season, month and year!

At circle time, we learned about animals in the Arctic region, as well as land and water forms like lakes and islands (and many more). We continue with French on Fridays, and the children have been very excited to begin leading our show and tell circle time. This month we spoke about M.L.K. day and the Chinese New Year holiday with the help of a guest speaker/parent. Thank you Julia! We held A LOT of birthday circles (ceremonies) this month, which is such a special moment and is something the children really look forward to.

Our classroom also launched off our human body unit in mid-January. We are beginning with body parts and skin and are now covering the 5 senses, to include touch, sight, taste, hearing and smell. Next month, we will work inward to cover muscles, bones and organs.

Some more complicated works, with many steps, were introduced. We now have a hand-washing material and a table-washing work.

As the children learn more and more about the human body, this next month should be very exciting!


In January, the class was ready for the children with winter-themed materials. After the break, the kids were excited to see their friends and talk about the gifts they received and the trips they went on.

Once the kids were settled in, we began a geography theme where we talked about models and how our globe is a model too. We introduced the sandpaper globe and colored globe, and they saw how a flat map is formed from a round globe.

Different types of water and landforms were introduced, and kids learned the names of opposite landforms such as “peninsula and gulf,” and “lake and island.” We also learned about the layers inside our earth.

In science, we learned about how hot air goes up and cold air moves down. We did an experiment to see it. We also saw how shadows are formed.

Soon we will be moving into our big unit: The Human Body. The children will learn about their own body and how it is similar and different from others.