Classroom Review

Hemlock Building

The Hemlock building (front building) is in full swing with kids that are comfortable at their school, enjoying making new friends, and looking forward to learning things at circle and through their individual Montessori work. We have been studying parts of an apple and parts of a pumpkin as well as Life Cycle of a Pumpkin.  We also fit in some science about air pressure. We’ve been studying a fascinating flying mammal, the bat, and all of its unusual ways.  Some kids will choose to make Parts of a Bat Book.  We will also soon talk about how to be a community helper.

Halloween is children’s favorite celebration! Our Practical Life area has really taken on the theme of Halloween. They have been hard at work with special seasonal projects, singing Halloween songs, and listening to spooky stories.  Every year we practice a song called ” Witches Brew” so that during our Halloween celebration on Friday the 30th we can sing it together and have our costume parade for kids that want to wear a costume.

Buckeye Building

We have made it through another month safely and happily! Thank you all for wearing masks and staying home when necessary.

This October we have been learning about invertebrates, arthropods, and spiders. Now we are beginning our unit on pumpkins which includes the parts of a pumpkin and the life cycle of a pumpkin. The shelves are full of Halloween themed materials which is very interesting and exciting for the children. The children have all enjoyed painting jack-o-lanterns on the easel and creating spiders with paper, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes. As the end of October comes, we will learn new Halloween songs!

Every Friday we continue to learn new ways to communicate without our voices with a sign language lesson at circle.  On Wednesdays everyone looks forward to a science experiment at morning circle.  Also, on Wednesdays, is show and tell.  Each week we let a child to lead the show and tell circle, they ask their friends “to whom does this belong” as they hold up a show and tell item.  The leader is also allowed to excuse a child from circle if they are being interruptive.  It is exciting to see how respectful the children are to each other at this time.

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