Classroom Review


Buckeye Classroom Review:

In the Buckeye Room, the children have been settling into their works more readily engaging in new zoology works like Parts of a Bat and Turkey.  Tweezing kernels off an ear of Indian corn has become the favorite.  They even used the kernels to make their paper corn.

Circle topics are learning all about bats and parts of the corn and discussing how corn grows.  New works like metal polishing, rice grinding, turkey art projects have been shown.  Many new thanksgiving theme songs and poems have been introduced.  We were delighted to have our first in-house field trip with Dr. Gulbadan (Gagan and Preet’s mom from the Hemlock Room) who talked to the children about our mouth hygiene and how to take care of our mouths by eating healthy foods and brushing/flossing twice a day.  Remember to floss at night.  The celebration of Diwali starts the Festival of the Lights’ celebrations this month.  Ms. Govindaraj talked about how the festival originated, how they celebrate and she showed the children how to design a Rangoli.  She also shared her most precious Saris.  At the beginning of November, the circle room has a new peace light that shines all day in the classroom.  Each day a new color represents ways on how to make our classroom more peaceful.  Red (Honesty), Orange (personal best), Yellow (peace), Green (Friendship), Blue (kind words), and Purple (joy).  We will have a Thanksgiving celebration on Wednesday. The children have added thankful feathers to Chester our turkey.  They will churn cream into butter and add it to their ear of corn on our feast day.  We are grateful for all our wonderful CMS families.


Hello Hemlock families,

November is the month of Thankfulness and we are thankful for many things. It is such a pleasure to see children settling into their routine. Their understanding and cooperation in the current predicament are beyond measure.

We started our month with Early pilgrims, why did they move out of their country, their journey in Mayflower, and their life in a new country. We also talked about what are we thankful for. Children were happy to make turkey feathers and wrote what were they thankful for. They also made a turkey and corn. They happily participated in preparing cornbread and pumpkin pie and learned to make butter. As part of the Thanksgiving tradition, we all had a Happy Thanksgiving meal with children by saying the Thanksgiving poem, which they practiced for quite some time.

As we prepare for our winter months and holidays, some animals are busy preparing a hibernaculum to take a long deep sleep called hibernation. We were excited to learn why they take a deep sleep and the places.

We welcomed 2 new children into the CMS family and were happy to celebrate the birthdays of Evelyn, Jackson, Jack, Talia, and Jibek.

We were thankful to Gulbadan, (Gagan and Preet’s mom) who talked about dental care and Mrs. Govindaraj for Diwali.

On behalf of CMS teachers, we wish you a blessed, happy, and peaceful Thanksgiving.

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